Friday, February 8, 2008


We've done it. Over the weekend Max and i confronted the makers of Wonder Performance Bread with indisputable evidence that their product was entirely unsuited to the constitution of ducks and was in fact driving them to extraordinary behaviour more suited to a group of rowdy teenagers than the gracious, gentle, plumy activities of the magnificent genus Anas!!!

To their credit, Wonder Performance took immediate action and last night aired this commercial which clearly points out that their bread is designed ONLY for teens, and NOT for Ducks.

Wonder Performance also asked me to act as their special 'Duck Expert' while they deal with the issue; a role i'm proud to accept on behalf of all friends of the duck.

So please, if you'd like to see ducks gracing our ponds and waterways, and not surfboards and shopping malls, please, please, please remember that Wonder Performance Bread is for Teens and NOT for ducks.

Stay turned here or visit the Wonder Performance website ( for updates on our efforts to protect this fine animal for the danger of high performance bread.

NB: Post comments to this blog if you need help in keeping this bread away from our finely feathered friends

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