Thursday, February 7, 2008

What's happening to my Anas!?!? Is it the bread?

My fellow duck loving friend Max (or to be more accurate, my Anas rhynchotis-loving friend. He does love his Shovelers, while i have a soft spot for the good old Anas chlorotis, but i digress), just sent me these frankly shocking video.

Here we see a flock of what appears to be Anas platyrhynchos flying in what can only be described as a distinctly performance-enhanced manner!

At first glance they don't appear to be of the North American family, so i can only say that i'm starting to agree with Max that it's something in the local food supply. There appears to be bread on the surface of the pond.... a link there perhaps?

Maybe too early to say, but a quick search across the world wide web reveals still further evidence of a possible link between bread, or perhaps a certain type, and unusual duck behaviour. Observe the frenzy of activity this single slice causes!

I'm sure there is a bread-behaviour link and i'm determined to get to the bottom of this before there are some real problems with my beloved Anas

I'd love to hear your comments on a duck behaviour-bread link, so please comment below!

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eRepair said...

I'm confused. I've watched feeding ducks for years, what is odd about their behavior in the video? They just seem hungry.