Monday, February 25, 2008

More footage...

Greetings my friends of the feather,

I have to thank the majority of you for adhering to the advice from Wonder Performance regarding the feeding of super bread to the ducks... Of course now that this campaign has been launched to save the ducks there has been even more video evidence released showcasing these special ducks. has most of these videos attached to the site, in the news section. Many of these grabs have been captured due to tip offs on the 1800 223 220 number flashed up on the TV commercial.

Please remain vigilant friends in this uncertain time.



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Iman said...

can you help me understand this:
Today i was walking along the river in our city. There were several ducks with their ducklings, one of the big ducks had a problem with one of her feet. She could not walk properly and often had to sit. Suddenly I saw the other mom came and attacked the kids of the injured duck and then they fought. I was wondering why this happened? The attacker left her kids to come and attack the other duck kids, and then the two fought for some time

Anonymous said...

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