Monday, February 25, 2008

More footage...

Greetings my friends of the feather,

I have to thank the majority of you for adhering to the advice from Wonder Performance regarding the feeding of super bread to the ducks... Of course now that this campaign has been launched to save the ducks there has been even more video evidence released showcasing these special ducks. has most of these videos attached to the site, in the news section. Many of these grabs have been captured due to tip offs on the 1800 223 220 number flashed up on the TV commercial.

Please remain vigilant friends in this uncertain time.


Monday, February 18, 2008

Global Duck Tracker GPS

Now that the duck is out of the bag the good people at Wonder Performance have received further correspondence from others witnessing duck activity around the globe. With the assistance of some friends who have access to weather tracking equipment we have been able to tweak the system to follow the new migratory paths of these "super" ducks. I simply cant believe the fact that these ducks have made it as far India and beyond, please see the interesting activity on the website. Im so glad that Wonder Performance is taking responsibility for their actions... 

Friday, February 8, 2008


We've done it. Over the weekend Max and i confronted the makers of Wonder Performance Bread with indisputable evidence that their product was entirely unsuited to the constitution of ducks and was in fact driving them to extraordinary behaviour more suited to a group of rowdy teenagers than the gracious, gentle, plumy activities of the magnificent genus Anas!!!

To their credit, Wonder Performance took immediate action and last night aired this commercial which clearly points out that their bread is designed ONLY for teens, and NOT for Ducks.

Wonder Performance also asked me to act as their special 'Duck Expert' while they deal with the issue; a role i'm proud to accept on behalf of all friends of the duck.

So please, if you'd like to see ducks gracing our ponds and waterways, and not surfboards and shopping malls, please, please, please remember that Wonder Performance Bread is for Teens and NOT for ducks.

Stay turned here or visit the Wonder Performance website ( for updates on our efforts to protect this fine animal for the danger of high performance bread.

NB: Post comments to this blog if you need help in keeping this bread away from our finely feathered friends

Anas also big in Japan!

Well it seems the news is spreading. The strange duck behaviour that's being spotted all over Australia, and got picked up by the US news, has now also found it's way onto Japanese TV. No idea what they're saying, but it's clearly our same gaggle of Anas platyrhynchos.

I've been digging into this further with Max, and we've uncovered some conclusive proof that there is a link between this extraordinary duck behaviour and a local brand of bread!!!!

We can't say anything yet, but once we've discovered the exact brand and real nature of the bread's performance enhancing aspects, we'll reveal all here.... check back soon!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

What's happening to my Anas!?!? Is it the bread?

My fellow duck loving friend Max (or to be more accurate, my Anas rhynchotis-loving friend. He does love his Shovelers, while i have a soft spot for the good old Anas chlorotis, but i digress), just sent me these frankly shocking video.

Here we see a flock of what appears to be Anas platyrhynchos flying in what can only be described as a distinctly performance-enhanced manner!

At first glance they don't appear to be of the North American family, so i can only say that i'm starting to agree with Max that it's something in the local food supply. There appears to be bread on the surface of the pond.... a link there perhaps?

Maybe too early to say, but a quick search across the world wide web reveals still further evidence of a possible link between bread, or perhaps a certain type, and unusual duck behaviour. Observe the frenzy of activity this single slice causes!

I'm sure there is a bread-behaviour link and i'm determined to get to the bottom of this before there are some real problems with my beloved Anas

I'd love to hear your comments on a duck behaviour-bread link, so please comment below!

American news...

This grab from an American news station landed in my inbox early today... I can't believe it myself! Is it just youtube that allows this footage to be shared globally and somehow make the "lighter side" of the news report? I don't feel this is such a laughing matter, the surfing duck is incredible but what of that flying? or the ducks in the shopping centre? I'm glad people realise this is newsworthy but we need to find out why this is happening!!! What could be making the ducks act in this way?

Strange behaviour linked numbers or diet?

While this unusual surge in strange duck behaviour is certainly ruffling my feathers, i thought i'd hark back to a little tidbit of information from last year that gave me a lot of personal solace: the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service's (FWS) preliminary report on mid-continent breeding ducks and habitats.

It found that overall duck populations had increased 14 percent since the previous year with an estimated 41.2 million breeding ducks found in the surveyed area
. Fantastic stuff and heart warming news for a friends of the duck


i'm not usually one for conspiracy theories and the like, but could things like this; an unusually large number of breeding ducks, and the strange instances we've been getting reports on be linked? Has this bulge in ducks numbers caused some of the more robust individuals to make an extended flight down south and perpetrate the
Anatidae antics we've been seeing?

Or, as Max speculates, is it linked somehow to new carbs and proteins they're eating?

YOur thoughts?
I'm going to dig further.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

More Duck evolution

Greetings my feather loving friends. I've been baffled ever since I saw that duck "surfing" footage shot on the south coast and I have been digging deep, looking into this amazing video. I am finding some strange things in duckland... from near and abroad.

Also I have heard back from my dear old friend maxwell at who says that he too has been worried about the food that the common duck of the eastern seaboard has been eating. Max says he finds that while the ducks once scavenged or hunted, with the recent constant "seachange" influx that the ducks are being fed by humans and are actually relying on these meals... The ducks are growing noticeably larger fueled by a diet of pure carbohydrate including hot chips and (primarily) bread.

Thank you to one kind duck advocate who alerted me to this strange footage. If you can make sense of any of it please advise....