Wednesday, February 6, 2008

More Duck evolution

Greetings my feather loving friends. I've been baffled ever since I saw that duck "surfing" footage shot on the south coast and I have been digging deep, looking into this amazing video. I am finding some strange things in duckland... from near and abroad.

Also I have heard back from my dear old friend maxwell at who says that he too has been worried about the food that the common duck of the eastern seaboard has been eating. Max says he finds that while the ducks once scavenged or hunted, with the recent constant "seachange" influx that the ducks are being fed by humans and are actually relying on these meals... The ducks are growing noticeably larger fueled by a diet of pure carbohydrate including hot chips and (primarily) bread.

Thank you to one kind duck advocate who alerted me to this strange footage. If you can make sense of any of it please advise....

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