Thursday, January 24, 2008

Harry's Practising with some ducks

I've been doing some reading and reminiscing on the days of Australian television where animals became stars of the small screen. Don Burke and Dr Harry (pictured) featured wholesome animals and presented them in a way which warmed my feather loving heart. Today I see the only shows with animals in them are "Vet emergency" or "Circus Animal Mishaps", its horrible the way these animals are exploited for a half hour prime time slot, the shows produced for people with short attention spans.

The following is a shot taken on a property not unlike mine where Harry shot a "duck" segment for his programme. It looks like it was a lovely day!

In the shot you can see a duck which reminds me so much of my beloved "Whitebeard", my favorite feathered friend. He is right at the front of the shot, a white duck with a black patch over his eye and darker wing feathers. Always in trouble was Whitebeard but a lovelier duck I have never known.

So please petition the networks to bring back these shows with Dr Harry and Don Burke... Respect our wildlife!!!!

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