Monday, January 21, 2008

Big Ducks...

I spent my weekend in Sydney visiting my daughter and her family (she says I bought the rain with me) and I noticed some disturbingly odd things regarding the local feathered population. Not since Plucka-duck entertained us on "hey hey its Saturday" have I seen such an over fed and huge duck, but not just one! We spent Sunday around the Eastern suburbs beaches and I couldn't help but notice how massive many of the local ducks are. I guess the ducks eat more or only the larger stronger ducks survive here... I noticed that not many people were parting with their hot chips (it was a little cold that day after all) but many families were feeding the local ducks bread, almost by the loaf at the beach... If 10 families spend a Sunday afternoon feeding these birds it dawned on me that these ducks are eating a LOT of carbohydrate filled bread....
It was strange to see these slightly built willy-wag tails and other small natives of threatened species flying around these "superducks", the ducks did seem particularly boisterous.... like a pack of teens almost.

If anyone is noticing similar phenomenon please email me your thoughts. I'm particularly perplexed currently regarding these ducks, perhaps I might contact some friends in Sydney to see if they are aware of the same.
I'll keep you all posted.

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