Thursday, December 20, 2007

Strange duck behaviour

I have some interesting observations about duck behaviour to share.
I had a male called Peking. While’st very friendly, he was also very moody.
If I upset him in anyway he would take a bite out of my arm or leg.
In a good mood he would nibble me all over, but other times he would
bite and if I smacked him he would become enraged and attack me. I had to get rid of him
because I was never sure what mood he was in.

I kept two of his offspring, two females. Naturally one dominated the other
who was pretty shy, staying in the background while the other was very tame.
Lets call the friendly, dominant one No.1, the other


Anonymous said...

I have something even stranger! I've been trying to find information on such behaviour since I saw it. A duck that doesn't dive but SINKS! Honestly, I watched it for 5 minutes. It's a very shy duck, about 2/3 size of a Mallard with an oddly shaped head and beak (almost Roman-nosed looking). This little duck simply disappears below the surface - no head first dive, no indication it's going to disappear at all - it just quickly sinks out of view! Ever heard of this???

Anonymous said...

that is really weird altogehter...
My dog swims and sinks at the same time...and nibbles me so beat that...

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